Aerial adventure Dome The high rope courses within a geodesic dome.

Creating customized challenge courses by using a geodesic dome for the structure. 

Formally know as Hilo Challenge Domes


Aerial Adventure Dome

Mission statement:

Aerial Adventure Dome is a boutique company that specializes in custom geodesic domes that house aerial activities. We are committed to creating a high quality system that incorporate the latest in safety systems and innovated design for creative recreation.


Aerial Adventure Dome is a small company that provides you with  the individual attention that is required to create a great product.  We partner with the best engineers in the industry,   top leaders in the Association of Challenge Course Technologies additionally the system is  manufactured in the USA.


 A high ropes course/challenge course/ aerial adventure that is incorporated within a steel geodesic structure. Each dome is individually designed, nothing is off the shelf. 


Working with our team we will design your Aerial Adventure Dome specifically to your location and Your client demographics.


Aerial Adventure Dome is located in Kalamazoo Michigan. 

Domes are operating in Milton Keynes UK and Derby Kansas USA


In short, because domes are cool. Due to the triangular struts with the spherical shape the dome creates the strongest structure know to man. With this in mind we can create an amazing functional and beautiful course with you.


View from the top of a two level course


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Aerial Adventure Dome- previously named HIlo

Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008, United States

(269) 598-0857