aerial adventure dome-Challenge Dome

What is an Aerial Adventure Dome?

An Aerial Adventure Dome  is a combination of both vertical challenges and horizontal challenges. Constructed within the Geodesic Structure. Sizes range from 30'-120' in diameter at its hemisphere. The foot print is relatively small, no need for trees or expansive land. Great for parks, urban areas, camps and destinations. The time from order to operation is less than 5 months. All domes are individually designed and manufactured specifically to your location.

When a participant goes up on the Aerial Adventure Dome they will experience the thrill of safe risk taking, how they perform under pressure and how to give and receive support. They will also need to be in the moment, to leave the phone behind and focus on the fun in front of them.

The shape of the dome offers an operator the benefit of reduction of staff. While in the dome the staff can see all participants in the same time. There is no need for a guide at each platform. 

We use the latest in safety systems, full body harness and safety belays. 

Customization options

Choice size and shape

Choice of color and theme

Choice of cover or shade

Choice of activities within the dome

Choice of climate control

Choice of weather proofing

Choice of Flooring

Choice of lighting and sound

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